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A Jab to Combat; Get Ready for the COVID-19 Vaccination

Hello World! Finally, we’re getting a COVID-19 vaccination. After many lockdowns and more than a year-long disruption, I know that we all greatly hope to get back to living our normal lives; friends and family reuniting, businesses reopening, the economy recovering, and the freedom to travel and connect with the rest of the world and enjoy ourselves.

To be stronger together, building immunity in the community from the vaccination is the starting step to recovery, both physically and economically. So, before you jump in to get a COVID-19 vaccination, I have few tips for you to prepare to ensure that your process of the vaccination jab will be safe, smooth and stress-free.

  • Know Your Vaccine
    I know we might not have too many vaccine choices, but knowing the vaccine you’re getting helps you to prepare yourself for any possible side effects that may occur. For example, some might have allergies or anaphylaxis, while some might have other chronic health diseases, or are on medication, so it would be a safer idea if you consult with your medical practitioner before vaccination to reduce the risk of severe side effects. However, the chance of having serious side effects is quite low.

  • No Other Vaccination
    It’s expected that each vaccine will have side effects with some people. To prevent the clash of various side effects from the different vaccines, avoid taking other vaccines during your course of COVID-19 vaccination. If you’ve just had another vaccination such as a flu shot or a rabies vaccine, wait for at least 14 days before you make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you’ve already had the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, wait for the correct, recommended amount of time before taking the second shot.

  • Fill Your Fridge
    There’s nothing worse than staying sick at home with an empty stomach! You don’t want to be starving while recovering from the vaccination, so please fill your fridge with a healthy food supply and plenty of water the day before you get your vaccination. You will need that while you’re recovering.
  • Pain Relief in Hand
    Headaches, nausea, fever and body pain are common possible side effects of most vaccinations, including the COVID-19 vaccination. So, don’t worry if you have these mild symptoms - take pain relief and drink a lot of water, and you’ll be fine after a few days. But if you have severe, unusual symptoms such as breathing difficulties, vertigo, or limb numbness, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Rest-Up
    It is vital for you to take a rest after taking the COVID-19 vaccination, so plan a day off, cancel all your appointments and exercises classes, and rest up! Your body needs to rest properly to recover and boost up your immunity to combat this vicious virus.

construction update

Construction progress as of June 2021: Overall 45.69%

Structural Work: 80.96% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 42.53% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 40.87% Overall Completion.

Façade Work : 40.19% Overall Completion.

External Work: 6.15% Overall Completion.

TAIT Sathorn 12

Construction progress as of June 2021: Overall 20.91%

Structural Work: 41.54% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 2.15% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 2.89% Overall Completion.

External Work: 0% Overall Completion.

One City Centre Bangkok

Construction progress as of June 2021: Overall 46.52%

Structural Work: 70.89% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 5.54% Overall Completion.

M&E: 11.16% Overall Completion.

EE&Com: 19.02% Overall Completion.

Facade Work: 23.41% Overall Completion.

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