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The daily ritual of creating work-life balance during lockdown

Do you remember when was the last time that you squeezed yourself into the packed elevator of your office building during the rush hour morning, trying to clock in on time? When have you recently had an intense discussion or an exciting presentation in the meeting room with the board of directors or clients? And what about the weekly office fun of the local flea market stroll during the lunch break with your colleagues? It probably feels like a decade ago!

It’s been more than one and a half years since the pandemic started, resulting in us living under lockdowns and working from home. While working from home might be more convenient and keeps us safe from the coronavirus, the loss of human interaction, screen fatigue, workload stress, and the anxiety from the ongoing uncertainty undoubtedly takes a toll on our health and well-being. This is especially the case for urban dwellers who live alone in a small space. The thin boundary between work and life in one limited space can cause extra stress and exhaustion, and lead to a lack of motivation, as it can be hard to switch off mentally.

To help you get over the lockdown blues, we have tips about daily rituals that bring a work-life balance back into your life.

  • Set-up routine
    The first step to bring motivation back to your dismal lockdown life is finding your purpose. Setting up a routine and making a to-do list are simple ways to create a sense of purpose for yourself. Routine can help you create a structure for your day, so you can plan when will you start and finish working, and when will you have breaks. Your to-do list can include the activities that will keep you going during the day. Please add small activities such as a 30-minute morning exercise session, a 10-minute tea break, a short walk after work, or time for meditation on your to-do list, as these activities are vital rituals that can create transitions between your work and life.  
  • Zone your space
    Living and working spaces should be separated to create a mental shift between work and life. If you have a spare room, it’s a good idea to set up a home office. If you live in a compact apartment or have very limited space, locate yourself in different areas for different activities, or use different furniture for different purposes such as only working on the work desk, not on the dining table, or vice versa. You’ll be surprised how even a small change can make a positive impact.
  • Put on your office outfit (at home)
    Do not underestimate the power of fashion - an outfit can influence our attitude and energy more than you think! Although it’s more comfortable to wear pyjamas or track pants at home, an office outfit will give you a sense of working. It brings you focus and energy, even when you’re working at home. Don’t forget to put on your perfume and make-up for extra power when you have a Zoom meeting or presentation.  
  • Create your third place
    American sociologist Ray Oldenburg describes the third place as a space that is not work or home. It’s a happy place where you can express yourself, relax, or meet like-minded people, such as café, bar, bookshop, or community club. While it’s impossible to go and hang out at your favourite places at the moment, you can set up your third place at home or in the virtual world. For example, if you like going to a café, on the weekend you can create a café corner at home. Put a nice linen tablecloth on your dining table, set up some flowers, order some cakes, brew a pot of coffee, put on some music, and enjoy your relaxing time! Or, if you have any particular interest, you can find and join a Facebook group or another online community group to share your interest and discussion.


Photo Credits: New Darlings, Robert Nickson, Wren Kitchen. PopSugar, Stylus

construction update

Construction progress as of August 2021: 51.16% Overall.

Structural Work: 85.70% Overall Completion.

Architectural Work: 45.83% Overall Completion.

MEP Work: 49.71% Overall Completion.

Façade Work : 42.82% Overall Completion.

Interior Work: 36.15% Overall Completion.

External Work: 9.42% Overall Completion.

Lift Work: 9.83% Overall Completion.

TAIT Sathorn 12

Construction progress as of August 2021

Structural Work: 43.29% Overall Completion.

one city centre

Construction progress as of August 2021: 48.50% Overall.

Structure Work: 73.74% Overall completion.

Architect Work: 6.26% Overall completion.

M&E Work: 16.34% Overall completion.

EE&com: 24.62% Overall completion.

Façade Work: 26.62% Overall completion.

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