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eNewsletter 6
In the modern automotive industry, the rise of electric vehicles is going strong in many countries around the world. However, for Maruka Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the company's president Mr. Sakaguchi Mitsuo still regards combustion vehicles or ICE (internal combustion engine) a market should not be overlooked amid the growth of electric vehicles.

“Our company believes that in the long run, traditional cars will not just suddenly disappear during the transition towards electric vehicles. Therefore, we will present and recommend products that benefit both types of auto parts production. Also, we join Automotive Manufacturing to collect information about the production industry related to EVs to develop products that can support the world of EVs with sustainability in the future.”

For Automotive Manufacturing 2024, Mr. Sakaguchi Mitsuo mentions that Maruka has prepared many innovations to introduce to automotive manufacturers at the show. “Our highlight products are related to EV production, such as Coil Forming Machines for motors in EV batteries, Tube Inspect for precision measurement, as well as equipment related to visual inspection (In-sight 3800) which is a deep learning image inspection device that is user-friendly and can inspect even the smallest defects in workpieces.”
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