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Tajima is the world leading Japanese manufacturer of computerized embroidery machine. With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing industrial embroidery machine, Tajima has manufactured and shipped more than 3,000 embroidery machines to 130 countries around the world.

Tajima embroidery machines are renowned by users around the world for its durability, high-productivity and high-quality of embroidery finish. Quality & capabilities of Tajima embroidery machine are “tested” and “proven” by users around the world and over the years, Tajima has gained the trust from the customers worldwide.
In order to meet the needs of the customers, Tajima invested heavily in R&D to improve in-house technological and development capabilities as well as work closely with research institutes and companies of different industries to actively promote joint R&D, technical links, and share the latest information.

These enables Tajima to go beyond the conventional boundary of fabric and apparels field, but also to new industrial fields of sewing special materials to various materials/fabrics for specific industrial applications.
We will be showcasing Tajima’s latest machine models and latest technology – “i-TM”the Intelligent Thread Management.
  • “i-TM” (Intelligent Thread Management), is the industry’s first technology that automatically regulate upper thread tension adjustment on the machine.
  • “i-TM” provides optimal tension adjustment – greatly improve embroidery productivity, reduce embroidery quality defects and reduce reliance on experienced machine operator.
Tajima embroidery machine are renowned for its high durability, high productivity and high quality of embroidery finish.
  1. Tajima embroidery machines are highly durable with long lifespan, high productivity with low downtime and produce high quality embroidery finish. 
  2. Majority of big garment & apparel factories and workshops in Thailand use Tajima embroidery machine.  Purchasing a Tajima machine means that you would be able to rely on the machine to run production and generate profit continuously for years without having to worry that machine will breakdown frequently. Even as the machine age, you can still expect Tajima machine to continuously producing high quality embroidery output with high productivity.
  3. Tajima embroidery machine produces high quality of embroidery finish.  With such superb stitch quality embroidery finish, business owner has competitive advantage against their competitors and has more bargaining chip to ask for better price for their embroidery products.
  4. After sales service & support such as spare parts availability, maintenance and repair response time are critical to business owner.  Our Stitch Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd – Tajima Service Center, has a team of well trained and dedicated Technicians to respond quickly to customers’ service request, training, knowledge transfer and machine maintenance efficiently. 
  5. We stock large inventory of Tajima embroidery spare parts so as to provide speedy service and support to our valued customers in Thailand.

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