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Technology 2004 Co., Ltd., a distributor of MIMAKI, reliable digital textile printer with Japanese quality, is proud to present “MIMAKI TX300P-1800B,” digital textile technology for digital direct-to-garment roll printing with reactive ink or pigment ink, suitable for cotton or silk. The company has a team of professionals to provide after-sales service with more than 10 years of experience.

Meet Technology 2004 at GFT 2022, 22-25 June 2022, Hall 104, BITEC, Bangkok.
SKT. Embroidery Co., Ltd. invites you to transform DTG (Direct to garment) screen printing with the latest GTX600 from Brother, the market’s No. 1 printer in the world and in Thailand. Enjoy a 50% faster printing speed, a large printable area of up to 24x24 inches along with ease of use, lower cost, and high-definition print quality so you can accommodate every customer request.

Meet SKT. Embroidery at GFT 2022, 22-25 June 2022, Hall 104, BITEC, Bangkok.
Attend GFT Forum's “Create New Business Opportunities & Relationship Between Fashion Entrepreneurs and Young Designers Workshop,” organized by Chanapatana International Design Institute at GFT 2022, 22-25 June 2022, BITEC, Bangkok.
• Fast fashion has made it easy to buy cheap and trendy clothes, but it’s also one of the contributors to global warming.
• Purchasing high quality and long-lasting clothes can help reduce environmental impact at 20 -30%.
• Unused clothes are disposed at landfill or incinerated, adding pollution in the air.
• Fabric dye can compromise the quality of water sources, damaging aquatic life and drinking water.
• Major companies are looking for ways to recycle denim fabrics or even use denim that biodegrades quickly, so they can be composted for use as a fertilizer.
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