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Smart materials are the answer for the future of metalworking. The lightweight, versatility and durability will be the keys components for various industries that use metal. As #1 Machine Tools & Metalworking Exhibition Serving ASEAN, “METALEX 2019” will launch ASEAN’s first “Smart Materials Zone” to welcome suppliers of smart materials especially of the much-wanted aluminium to present your products in one of the world’s fastest growing market. The show will attract over 100,000 quality visitors from all over the region. Join us to discover exclusive privileges such as special promotion and year-round plan to strive for future success!
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Exhibitors Express Trust in Smart Materials Zone at METALEX
“METALEX is such as established metalworking exhibition that the number of participants keep growing. That’s why we would like to introduce our power metallurgy products including ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous powder to industrialists at this platform.”
“This show is the largest technology exhibition in ASEAN, and we believe it is the place to be for us to promote our products and services. Industrialists will be able to see and discuss with us about machine parts including a variety of industrial fasteners.”
“METALEX 2019 is a good trade opportunity for investors because it will embrace more profiles, especially the “Smart Materials Zone” which will involve suppliers of smart or special materials, and provide solutions to industrialists. There will also be seminars given by experts on the metallurgy.”
“METALEX offers a great opportunity to network and meet potential customers in ASEAN. As a solutions provider, we offer commodities zinc, aluminium, nickel, copper, zinc alloys, aluminium alloys and electroplating chemicals, along with technical consultancy services.”
“I always visited METALEX to see new industrial trends as well as technologies from Thailand and overseas. This edition specifically will launch “Smart Materials Zone” for aluminum which we have been producing for a long time and have just developed a new product, so we have decided to join the show to expand our market.”
“We are confident in METALEX since it has a long history as the biggest metalworking technology exhibition in ASEAN, so it will help us meet customers from all over the region. We look forward to provide solutions on raw materials such as stainless as well as fasteners at the show.”
Introducing New Exhibitors from China
“We always stand by our principles of providing great quality aluminium sheet and coil as well as the highest quality service. We will focus on how to keep the quality and prices balance to be suitable for the Thai market. Good cooperation should be simple, and our customers should be able to trust our products and us.”

Mr. Vince Chen
General Manager

“Our company is an Aluminum Project Solution provider. We have many years of experience in supplying aluminum plates, coils, sheets, tubes and pipes as well as fittings. We always try to identify new opportunities to offer the most cost effective and up to date products, which is why we will be at METALEX 2019.”

Mrs. Savannah Yang 
Sales Manager

“Zhejiang Xinxiang Aluminum is a modern integrated group. We are digging the new market in Southeast Asia now so we decide to exhibit at METALEX since it is very famous for metalworking industry. Industrialists can expect to see a variety of aluminum materials for automotive, construction and packaging for example.”

Mr. Sam Xia
Sales Manager

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